• New Collages at Littlefield Gallery

    New Collages at Littlefield Gallery

    So pleased to submit collages to the Littlefield Gallery in Winter Harbor, ME for the summer of 2023.
    Two Trees
    McClellan Beach
    Quiet Moment
    Stan Beal's Wharf
    Douglas Islands
    More to come!!!

  • Carl Little on Stan Beal's Wharf

    Carl Little on Stan Beal's Wharf

    Thrilled that Carl Little chose my collage Stan Beal's Wharf for an article in The Working Waterfront. June issue, page 22.

  • Artemis Gallery 2020

    Artemis Gallery 2020

    Pleased and honored to have paintings and prints included at the Artemis Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine. August 20-September 2, 2020. Portion of sales from show will benefit College of the Atlantic and the Cody van Heerden Chair in Economics and Quantitative Social Sciences.
    Here's the link to the show:

  • Satellite Print Fair

    Pleased and honored to have Schoodic Point published and presented by Stewart & Stewart at the New York Satellite Print Fair@ Mercantile Annex 37, 517West 37th Street, NYC from October 24-27.
    Schoodic Point, an edition of 25, is a Digital Pigment Print.

  • Schoodic Point

    Schoodic Point
  • Schoodic Point Painting

    Schoodic Point Painting
  • New York City Print Fairs

    New York City Print Fairs
  • NY City Print Fairs

    NY City Print Fairs

    This weekend, October 25-28, my two new prints, Hop's View I & II, will be on view at Anthony Kirk Editions @ The E/AB Fair and Stewart & Stewart 2 The New York Satellite Print Fair in New York City.
    The E/AB Fair is at 269 11th Avenue (b/t 27th & 28th st.)
    Friday 11am-7pm
    Saturday 11am-7pm
    sunday 11pm-5pm

    The New York Satellite Print Fair is at MercantileAnnex 37 on 517 West 37th Street (between 10th & 11th Avenue).
    Thursday 10am- 7pm
    Friday 10am-7pm
    Saturday 10am-7pm
    Sunday 10am-5pm

  • Artemis Gallery

    Artemis Gallery

    Thrilled for the opening on July 5th at the Artemis Gallery in Northeast Harbor, Maine. A selection of my prints and drawings will be on display and available! If you are in the area, please stop by.

  • Hop's View II BAT

    Hop's View II BAT

    The above image is the synthesis of the Artist's Proofs. The back island has no stencil but the rocks on the right do.
    I was inspired when I made the drawings for this print and that inspiration has carried me through this project. Now, I'm surprised by what I've created. Where did it come from? Does it fit in with the rest of my work? I don't know. I love that aspect of making art when I don't know how it's going to turn out. If we make art from our "gut" without thinking, then we have created something radical as it is truly a reflection of ourselves. We are each radical in our own individuality.

    Earlier this week I painted in Central Park. I was actually pretty anxious when I went out about some issues. To my surprise, when I viewed the painting the next day it looked joyful and playful! How did I do that? Where was my anxiety, my fear, my disappointment? This process of making art is truly mysterious! I'm loving it more and more as I swirl in the gyre going round and round.

  • Artist's Proof Hop's View II

    Artist's Proof Hop's View II

    Printed with three stencils: the island on the right, the trees and the mountain in the background.

    These two images of Hop's View are artist's proofs. The top one is printed with a stencil and the bottom proof is printed without a stencil. The next proof will be printed as a combination of these two: the mountain in the background with no stencil and the island on the right and the trees with a stencil. There will be some new cuts in the linoleum block and the stencils so more of the woodblocks will peek through. The various possibilities are exciting. As soon as this new proof is available, I'll post it.

  • Artist's Proofs Hop's View II

    Artist's Proofs  Hop's View II

    Hop's View II printed without the stencils.

  • New Prints

    New Prints

    In preparation for the group show, July 5th-19th, at The Artemis Gallery in Northeast Harbor, ME, I have just about completed two new prints: Hop's View I and II. These prints are linoleum cuts printed over a wood block and stencils. This was my first print using stencils and linoleum blocks. I had the good fortune to collaborate with the Master Printer, Anthony Kirk, to make this edition of 25 prints.

    A few summers ago, three of us with our painting gear in tow took a boat on the incoming tide into Frenchman Bay to the Porcupine Islands. We scrambled up The Hop, one of the islands in the Porcupine chain, and feverishly painted the view towards Mount Desert Island. After several hours, we quickly boarded the boat as the tide receded. It was incredible to be out painting on an uninhabited ocean island on a gorgeous summer day! I was able to capture an 12 x 16 oil painting of Cadillac Mountain in the distance. This year I took that image and transformed it into a pencil drawing and two new prints: Hop's View I and II.
    Looking forward to its premiere at The Artemis Gallery in July! Hope you can drop by if you are in the area.

  • Jurist Award for Table with Jar

    Jurist Award for Table with Jar

    I am thrilled that Table with Jar was selected for a Jurist's Award in Drawing from Perception VIII, curated by Catherine Kehoe.
    This show occurred winter 2018 at Robert & Elaine Stein Galleries, Wright State University.To see a full illustration of selected jurist's awards go to https://liberal-arts.wright.edu/art-galleries/drawing-from-perception-viii-juror-awards